• 1 ChiroThin Kit (1 recipe book, daily weight & food tracking journal, & instructional manual)
  • 6 Follow up visits (ensure you’re meeting goals)
  • Access to our whole body vibration machines 2 days a week. (Increases calorie burn, improve circulation, & tone the lose skin). 24-hour access to ChiroThin Facebook group.
  • 6 week supply of ketones
  • Before and after photos
  • 1 bottle of AGGR (Helps suppress sugar and fatty food cravings, helps regulate leptin and adiponectin hormones and allows for proper fat metabolism)
  • 1 bottle of CN B12 plus (supports nerve system function and supports a more effective metabolism, helps boost energy and fight fatigue)
  • 12 Brain Tap sessions
  • 4 Maintenance visits to help ensure long term weight loss.